Back to School: Look #1: Peplum Top

Back to School time is rapidly approaching (I start my junior year in just 26 days!), so naturally I’ve started my preparations. I don’t think it’s ever too early to plan out your outfits! This one is based on my results from a Seventeen quiz for what I should wear on the first day ( a peplum top! Hope this inspires you guys, too!

Peplum Top

I personally think that the first few weeks in September need bright colors- oranges, pinks, yellows and the like. I just choose to pull out the darker, fall colors later in the month. For the peplum shirt, I thought a floral pattern in a bright color would be the perfect way to start off the school year. The one I chose has a white base (which is great for bringing out your summer tan!) and pink, orange, red and green details. It also has a fun cutout in the back, which adds some interest to the back of my outfit. I’d probably wear my hair in a side braid to play it up.




Next, since the top is bright and ultimately the focal point of my outfit, I would pair it with my favorite pair of blue jeans. Everyone has that favorite pair of jeans that they wear with everything, and I totally get it! But when you wear those jeans with everything, sometimes you could use a quick change of pace. So mix it up a bit by cropping them- roll them up two or three times before you put them on (I find that the cuffs come out neater this way), then even them out afterwards. I used to think that cuffing jeans was pointless and annoying (I hate capris!), but I learned that cuffs can actually help visually elongate your body- which is essential to a girl who’s only 5 feet tall! And they’re still just as comfortable- They’re the same jeans you’ve loved from the beginning with a new twist!



Since you want to look good from head to toes, I would pair this ensemble with gold gladiator sandals. It gives you a Greek goddess vibe and brings summer to school with you. You can even show off your perfect summer pedi! I have a pair that I just love by the brand Kensie, but I bought them two years ago and can’t find them online so I’ll try to find something similar. I prefer flat sandals because they make the look more grounded and are also easier to walk in, but if you’d rather wear a wedge, go for it! The sandals that I found online are cute because they’re simple- which means that they won’t steal attention from your shirt!- and have a small wedge for those of you that need an extra boost.




Lastly, you’re going to have to accessorize. I know that my outfits aren’t done until my arms are covered in bracelets, my earrings are in, and I’m wearing at least one necklace and three rings. Also, since it’s school, you’re going to need a backpack! I like mine a lot because it’s fashionable and unique- it’s not something that other girls in my school are likely to carry around! As for jewelry, I can’t be sure as of now what I’d wear, but I’d probably wear a gold cross around my neck, some friendship bracelets from camp, my watch and a gold bracelet I got for my birthday on my wrists and gold studs.


If anyone has any ideas for this outfit or decides to try something like it, let me know in the comments below or send a picture to my email:! Also don’t forget to follow my Tumblr:! Love you guys xx

In This Article:

Floral Peplum Top with Peek Back, $14.97 at Rainbow

Women’s The Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans in Blue Butter, $34.50 at Old Navy

Nine West Weslie Flat Thong Sandals in Gold, $25.87 at Macy’s

My Kensie Girl Gold Sandals, about $40 at Century 21

Betsey Johnson bag, $39.99 at Marshall’s


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