Teen Choice Awards Fashion 2013: Who Hit and Who Missed

I’m not usually one to watch award shows or even comment on the fashion, but this year, I was at my friend’s house and his little sister was One Direction crazed (but let’s face it- who isn’t?!) and put it on. So I watched. And I was delighted. First off, it was some of my favorite people all together in one room, not to mention that most of them looked fabulous! So I decided that I’d compile my Hit or Miss list and see if you guys agreed or disagreed with me. Let’s get started!

Jordin Sparks

I’ve loved Jordin Sparks ever since her season on American Idol, and she’s been looking especially lovely lately, but I hate to say that I was not a big fan of her TCA outfit choice. I do love stripes, and I do think these blue and white ones in two different directions flatter her body, but I hate with a capital H-A-T-E turtlenecks. I just don’t find them to be flattering to any body type. I feel that they draw too much attention to the upper body, and, for girls with bigger busts, the chest. I give her outfit a 3/10.


Alexis Knapp

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I only know Alexis Knapp as Stacie from Pitch Perfect. I did, however, love her outfit at the TCA’s. I think she rocked that miniskirt- it wasn’t too short and it hit her at a very flattering point at mid-thigh. The asymmetrical addition also gives the skirt a modern flare. The patterned shirt may look a little old fashioned, but in bright purple, khaki and olive, it provides an awesome contrast to the skirt. And her shoes. They. Are. Killer. I want them. I give her outfit an 8/10.


Abigail Breslin

How many of you remember this child actress as Carolina in The Princess Diaries 2 or Nim in Nim’s Island? Well, one’s thing for certain: Abigail is all grown up. Or at least she’s dressing like it! She’s only seventeen, but I think she looked at least 20 at the TCA’s. Her chest is way too exposed and the dress looks much too old for you. I do like the glitz her sweater provides, though. I give this outfit a 3/10.


Bella Thorne

Bella may be new to the scene, but I have to say, I think she’s been killing it in the fashion department. Her outfit for the TCA’s was absolutely no exception. She rocked the tropical tree print in two different colors, not to mention an almost sweatshirt-like top. She kept things pretty and polished with a cute ‘do, plain black pumps and a simple black clutch. It’s refreshing to see someone closer to my age- she’ll be sixteen on October 8th- dressing her age. I give her a 9/10.


Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee is one young actress that usually dresses for her age: modestly and polished. But, for the TCA’s, as modest as her dress may be, I don’t find it to be at all attractive. The silhouette is flattering to her body, but the pattern and fabric reminds me of a summer tablecloth. I do, however, like the bright, contrasting colors, the straight neckline and her matching shoes, so I give her outfit a 5/10.


Chloe Grace Moretz

I adore Chloe, and I think her outfit for the TCA’s is just as great. First of all, her hair looks amazing dark. Her dress is so pretty- it’s kind of abstract, but it hugs her curves. The colored stripes add some dimension to her small frame, and the off-the-shoulder neckline let her show off some skin. The ankle strapped shoes also break up the line of her legs so it doesn’t look like she’s showing too much skin. I think she looks very refined and polished. I give her a 9/10.


Selena Gomez

Selena is a superstar, everyone knows that. But just because you’re a superstar doesn’t mean you can pull everything off. She’s got a killer body, but I don’t think she looks good in this dress. First of all, I hate this whole “warrior” look, with the high cuts on the bottom of the dress. I think it’s way too exposing and unflattering. Second, I don’t think the neckline is flattering to her body. The capped sleeves and cutouts don’t do anything to play up her features. Lastly, her chest looks very saggy because of all the bunching the fabric is doing in that area. I do, however, like the color of the dress. So I give her a 2/10.


Now I want your feedback. Did I think someone looked good that you didn’t or visa versa? Let me know! Also, who do you think had the best TCA look?

If anyone has anything else they’d like to say about these outfits or if there are any other outfits from the TCA’s you’d like to get my opinion on, let me know in the comments below or send a picture to my email: tantilizinglytasteful@gmail.com! Also don’t forget to follow my Tumblr: tantalizingly-tasteful.tumblr.com! Love you guys xx

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