Back to School: Look #3: Knit Top

With Back to School time so close, I thought it was time about time I pull my knits out of their hiding spot… And then my creative juices started flowing. So I came up with this outfit to combine my summer faves and autumn essentials. Hope you all like it!

Knit Top

Knits are so comfortable it’s almost impossible not to love them. But in a cool color and a sparkly fabric, they become effortlessly chic and cool. And then, when you add super cool hardware like zippers or chains, you’ve definitely got a winner. One of my favorite knit tops is a charcoal cap-sleeved number with zippers on the shoulders. It’s edgy and cool but also snuggly, like a knit should be. I also like sweaters with a catchy phrase or cool image on it. The one that I found at Forever 21, which is also studded on the shoulders, says “Keep calm,” which is really in right now. The sweater stays chic with a black and white color palette. To keep from getting too hot, roll up your sleeves and show off a stack of bracelets.


keep calm sweater

High-Waisted Shorts

My sweater is almost totally shapeless, so I decided to pair it with a pair of high waisted jean shorts. When you tuck the sweater into the shorts, it gives you an hour glass figure. I always balloon my sweater out so it doesn’t pool up inside of my shorts. I like my shorts to be either medium or dark washed and cuffed at the bottom, but destroyed denim shorts really fit this outfit. It keeps the ensemble edgy and grungy, in a good way. Make sure they’re not too short when you’re at school- you don’t want to be called out for too-short shorts as soon as you get back from vaca!

destroyed denim shorts


Many people aren’t fans of the shorts and boots combo, but I like it if it’s done right. I think this outfit looks good with mid-calf, studded combat boots. They add some glitz to your outfit, but they’re also tough, so they provide some edge. I love when they’re worn out- I think it makes it look like you’re not trying too hard. My combat boots are so worn out that my laces are torn apart to show orange threads- all because I stepped on them a few times! If you’re not for that kind of look, stick to classic Converse (Chuck Taylor high or low tops) or a pair of all black Vans.

combat boot

converse hi tops

converse low tops



I think this outfit just calls for a long necklace. I usually stick to my big, Gothic-style, studded cross, but for those of you who aren’t feeling the cross, stick with something solid and edgy. That translates to: no butterflies, no flowers, etc. Something like a thin, rhinestoned cross or a fashionable silver scissor charm is good. Don’t forget a nice statement ring, a cool watch and a stack of bracelets on your arms. A wing ring is cute and doesn’t demand too much attention, which means it won’t distract from your ultra-cool ensemble. A watch with a fake leather wrap-around band and silver studs helps to play up the edginess of the outfit, and looks even cuter when added to a stack of black and silver edgy bracelets and colorful handmade friendship bracelets.

cross necklace

scissor necklace

wing ring

studded watch

beaded charm good luck bracelet

studded infinity bracelet

If anyone has any ideas for this outfit or decides to try something like it, let me know in the comments below or send a picture to my email:! Also don’t forget to follow my Tumblr:! Love you guys xx

In This Article:

My gunmetal sweater, Michael Kors

Spiked Keep Calm Sweater, $24.80 at Forever 21

Dollhouse Juniors Shorts, Destroyed Frayed Denim Cutoff in Dark Wash, $29.50 at Macy’s

Wanted Tava Boots in Black, $69.99 at

Womens’ Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High-Top Sneaker in Black, $49.95 at DSW

Womens’ Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneaker in Black/White, $44.95 at DSW

Vans 106 Vulc Skate Shoe in Black Monochrome, $54.99 at Journey’s

Jumbo Rhinestone Cross Pendant Necklace in Silver, $12.50 at Icing

Scissor Necklace in Silver, $3.80 at Forever 21

Metal Sculpted Angel’s Wind Ring, $6.50 at Icing

Studded Wrap Around Watch, $19.80 at Forever 21

Multi-Strand Stone and Antique Metal Spirit Charms Stretch Bracelet in Black, $12.50 at Icing

Studded Faux Leather Double Band Cuff Bracelet with Infinity Symbol in Black, $10.50 at Icing




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