Video Music Awards 2013: Who Hit and Who Missed

Before this month, I was never one to watch award shows and comment on the ensembles that the celebrities wear. But then I watched the Teen Choice Awards (you can see my article here) and decided that maybe I should continue to watch them. I thoroughly enjoyed the VMA’s- Kevin Hart was hysterical, Lady Gaga was fantastic, and Miley Cyrus certainly inspired a lot of controversy (I personally have always loved her), not to mention the fact that I think Justin Timberlake is the sexiest person in the world. So I decided to compile another Hit or Miss list. Let’s get started!

Selena Gomez

If any of you read my Teen Choice Awards article, I thought Selena looked awful. But she definitely made up for it at the VMA’s! Her body is amazing, and her midnight blue maxi dress flattered it perfectly. It tapered in at the waist and exposed her right leg in a sophisticated but not raunchy way. The strong shoulders were a great contrast to the exposed bustier, which was just the right amount of sexiness. The simple lines of the dress called for a little sexiness and glamour, and I think her ensemble looked complete. Her makeup was perfect for the outfit- classic colors and shapes. I think she looked perfect. I give her a 9/10.

selena gomez vmas 2013

Austin Mahone

I personally am not an Austin Mahone fan, although I do have to admit he is quite attractive. I was not a fan, however, of his outfit for the VMA’s pre show, where he performed. He wore a black leather-looking tank top with a red pocket and matching sweat pants, as well as black sneakers with red laces. His outfit wasn’t horrendous, but to me, it looked like he was trying to match the red carpet. Sure, the tank showcased his lovely biceps, but I thought the matchy-matchy look was not worth looking at. Not to mention that I think his sneaks lit up. And then there was the beanie. I like when guys wear beanies as long as they have long hair and some of it is showing. But when they wear beanies that cover all their hair and are way too big for them, it looks awkward and I do not like it. So, due to the beanie and matchy-matchy outfit, I give him a 3/10.

austin mahone vmas 2013

Taylor Swift

If any of  you saw the awards show on TV, you saw that Taylor Swift and bestie Selena Gomez were #twinning. The blond beauty looked like she came out of an old-timey, classic movie. Her dark blue gown resembled a bandage dress, and made her look slender and tall. The deep neckline is very flattering to her body, even if it has been controversial. I’ve heard people say she looks too old, but I’d have to disagree. I think the soon-to-be 24 year old looked sophisticated, sleek, and appropriately sexy, especially with her matching lips and nails. Her hair looked beautiful and her earrings were to die for. I give her a 9/10.

taylor swift vmas 2013

Iggy Azalea

I love Iggy Azalea’s style and music, but I was not a fan of the ensemble she wore on stage at the VMA’s while presenting with Lil’ Kim. It was a majority of sheer fabric, which I find to be too revealing, especially when the majority of mermaid tail of the dress is sheer. I love her in black, though- I think she looks sophisticated and like a porcelain doll. Her dress had seem lines running up the front of the legs, and, too be honest, the whole dress reminds me of lingerie. I give Iggy a 4/10.

iggy azalea vmas 2013

Becky G.

If any of you read my TCA article, you know that I’m very big on people dressing their age. One person who definitely accomplished that was up-and-comer Becky G., who is only a few days younger than me! She stuck to a very simple color palette- black, white, grey and red- but by doing so, she was able to mix multiple patterns like stars and marble print. She looked fun and happy- and not like she was trying to be someone she’s not. Her outfit is something I would pick out for myself or one of my friends- all except for her hat, that is. I love the style on her, but I don’t understand the “AIN’T NO WIFEY” on it. We know you’re not a “Wifey”, you’re only 16! Otherwise, I loved how she paired a flirty skirt with more urban-cool pieces. I give her a 7/10.

becky g vmas 2013

Kendall Shmidt

I happen to be a big BTR fan, but I was not a fan of Kendall’s outfit for the VMA’s. I love when guys wear tight white V-necks and dog tags, but I hate with a capital H-A-T-E capris on anyone. I think they look awkward and uncomfortable. Also, for some reason, I don’t like it when guys wear rings. I find it distracting and slightly feminine. But to each their own, right? I give him a 5/10.

kendall schmidt vmas 2013

Naya Rivera

Other than being boyfriend Big Sean’s arm candy, Naya looked unbelievable at the VMA’s this year in a black gown with shoulder and side cutouts. She looked so sleek and sophisticated, especially with her glamorous jewelry and her striking aqua eyeliner. I just wish her dress was a little less simple- I think it needs a hint of interest! Either way, with her smoldering looks, she stole the attention from her boyfriend! I give her a 8/10.

naya rivera vmas 2013

Now I want your feedback. Did I think someone looked good that you didn’t or visa versa? Let me know! Also, who do you think had the best VMA look?

If anyone has anything else they’d like to say about these outfits or if there are any other outfits from the VMA’s you’d like to get my opinion on, let me know in the comments below or send a picture to my email:! Also don’t forget to follow my Tumblr:! Love you guys xx

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2 thoughts on “Video Music Awards 2013: Who Hit and Who Missed

  1. I agree with you on Kendall’s outfit! I love him but i thought it was a bit too casual but he looked good 🙂 and about the ring, there are 3 diamonds incrusted in it representing his 2 brothers and him! So yeah, it wasn’t really a “fashion accessory”

    1. Thank you for your comment! If I had known that that was the symbolism behind Kendall’s ring, I totally would have been all for it while writing it. I love when celebrities try to remind themselves of their roots and where they came from! xx

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