My New Year’s Resolutions 2014: Personal

Hey everyone! I hope you all have been having an awesome 2014 so far! I started the year off by making myself a set of resolutions and I’d like to share them with you guys. I’ve decided to break them into three parts: personal, beauty, and fashion. I hope that my goals will help you realize what you envision for yourself in 2014! Let’s get started!

1. Blog More: So this one is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll talk about it a bit. I go a couple of weeks with writing some blog posts because I’m super motivated, but then I get busy or bored and don’t blog for weeks on end (this time around it was because my dad blocked WordPress on my computer, okay!!) My goal is to blog at least once a week, and I suppose effective time management skills would help me with that. I hope to develop Tantalizingly Tasteful, as well as my Tumblr and Pinterest accounts to go with them by setting aside time every day or week devoted to them.


2. Do More DIY’s: Who doesn’t love a good do it yourself project? They’re fun, original and eye-catching. I just wish I had time to actually do more of them! The couple that I’ve done have come out awesome, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on them! This year, I want to do more DIY projects. I want to be like those guru’s on Youtube who can teach other people how to make these awesome crafts. I think I’m going to check Youtube for new videos and look around online weekly so I don’t ever miss anything good. One project that I have done was a safety pin bracelet, which I got from a Youtube video by thecoolios which you can see here (along with the rest of my DIY playlist!), and I plan on doing a DIY Peter Pan collar done by LaurDIY (also on the playlist), who you can check out at Also, my cousin and I did tie-dye together over the summer, which can also make for fab DIY’s, including a bandana and a tie-waist top, as well as floral crowns. I know that it sounds like I have done a lot, but I feel like I haven’t. I really hope that 2014 is the year where I can make more DIY’s and maybe even figure out some of my own! (Sorry my pics are so bad by the way)





3. Be a Better Person: Sure, I have basic manners (most of the time– just don’t ask my mother) and I’m pretty polite, but sometimes I realize that I don’t really give back to my community, or give or do anything for people who aren’t as fortunate as I am. Recently, I’ve started seeing an S.A.T. tutor (ugh) who was taught from a young age that he had to give back when he got where he wanted to be, so before going to law school, he taught special education. And that inspired me to find a way to give back in a way that fits my own personality. When I was younger, I would sell lemonade to raise money for St. Jude’s, and I did their Math-a-Thon through school, but I haven’t done much since. This has become especially important to me since my friend Spencer passed away from cancer almost two years ago.  He has inspired me to do something more to help people while I can. In magazines like Seventeen, I’ve read about teens like me from all over the world who have done pretty big things to help people, and they have become part of my inspiration, too. I hope that in 2014, I can find a way to give back too, even if it isn’t in as big of a scale as I would like just yet.

make a difference

4. Be an Inspiration: In numbers 3 and 4, I talked a little bit about being an inspiration: inspiring DIY’s and being inspired by others to do well. But in 2014, I hope to become an inspiration to others by making a difference, having an influence in some way (hopefully through this blog!) and by being a role model for younger girls that I know. Sure, I may not be perfect, but I want to inspire girls to feel like they’re worth it and that they shouldn’t put themselves down if they’re not society’s version of perfect. I want to be like my main inspirations, Demi Lovato (see a collage I made for her here), Coco Chanel and Lauren Conrad, who encourage (and in the case of Coco encouraged) women to have self-confidence and a concept of self-worth.


coco chanel

lauren conrad

5. Write Ideas Down: The last goal I’m going to share with you (not because I don’t like you, but because I have so many goals that I don’t want to bother you!) is writing ideas down. My mind is always, always racing, usually when I’m in school or trying to fall asleep, and I get these brilliant ideas about blog posts, cupcake flavors or writing or outfit ideas and I forget them by the time I wake up. So, I’ve started carrying a notebook with me wherever I go and keeping one next to me when I’m sleeping so I can write them down. I don’t want to lose an amazing idea just because it slipped out of my head! Hopefully, that won’t happen with my handy-dandy notebook by my side! And yes, I made sure it’s fashionable! Mine is a peacock notebook with my initial that I got as a gift from a friend.

peacock notebook

Now I’d like your feedback! Do you have any personal goals for this year? Do you have any ideas for me on how I can achieve mine? Talk to me in the comments below! or send an email to! Also don’t forget to follow my Tumblr:! Love you guys xx


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