#OOTD April 13, 2014 + What’s In My Bag

Yes, you read that right! It’s time for my first-ever Outfit of the Day. You may be wondering why it’s taken me so long to post one, considering that this is a fashion blog, and, quite frankly, I don’t really blame you. I could make some excuse like I’ve been busy with school– Don’t forget, I’m only a junior in high school!– but it’s really much more than that.

Why I’ve Really Never Done a #OOTD

Okay guys, here it goes. I’ve really never done an Outfit of the Day post, no matter how much I really like my outfit, because I don’t have much self-confidence. Now, I’m not saying this to earn pity points or to search for compliments. I’m saying it to really emphasize that I’d really appreciate it if there was no hate at all, but especially towards my appearance, body or outfit. That would really mean a ton to me, and I’d like to thank you all in advanced!!

And with that, let’s get started!

My Outfit


The weather this weekend has been amazing, and since today is Palm Sunday, I wanted to wear a church outfit that was bright and springy. I chose a bright pink peplum tank dress by Vertigo, and a slightly destroyed denim jacket with crochet appliques by 1st Kiss to keep the ensemble cute and conservative, but still include a little edge. I paired it with a pair of 4.5-inch nude pumps by Fioni. As for the rest of my accessories, I chose a colorful woven bag by The Sak (scroll down a little to see what was in it!) to offset the pink of my dress. I wore a pair of big, glam sunglasses, my Pandora bracelet, a beaded bracelet, and a small stack of gold, silver and pink bangles– following my fashion goal (seen here) to mix gold and silver! To finish it off, I added what I like to call my classy-edgy statement necklace, which I got as a gift a few years back. All in all, I really like this outfit, and think it’s perfect for springtime!

Where You Can Get It

ootd 4.13.14

Strappy Heart Cut-Out Peplum Dress, $32.99 at Charlotte Russe

Fioni Women’s Kambridge Platform Pump, $29.99 at Payless (also what I’m wearing in my outfit)

Levi’s Authentic Trucker Off Shore Wash Denim Jacket, $44.99 at Macy’s

Kelly & Katie Straw Button Satchel, $34.95 at DSW

Chevron Statement Necklace, $14.50 at Claire’s

What’s In My Bag

And now it’s time for another new type of blog post: The What’s In My Bag post. I’ve seen so many fashion icons do this for fashion magazines, so I figured I’d show you guys what’s in my bag today.


So in my bag today, I had:

– my iPod and bright green ivibe headphones

– spare bobby pins

– Stride 2.0 gum in Spearmint

– a nail file

– Warm Vanilla Sugar hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works

– red/pink lip gloss

– Covergirl Lashblast Waterproof Mascara in Black

– Covergirl Bombshell Intensity Liquid Liner in Black– the only liquid eyeliner I can actually use!!

– Burt’s Bees Rejuvenating Lip Balm with açaí berry

– a peacock notepad so I can record my ideas

– a green pen to celebrate spring!!


Now I’d like your feedback! I hope this post gave to a little bit of a peek into my life! What did you think of my outfit and this post? Do you have any ideas about how you’d execute an outfit like this? Would you like to see more posts like this in the future? Talk to me in the comments below, or send an email to tantilizinglytasteful@gmail.com! Also don’t forget to follow my Tumblr: tantalizingly-tasteful.tumblr.com! Please remember: no hate! Love you guys xx


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