Awesome New Product: Julep’s Plié Wand

Hey guys! I just want to take a few minutes to talk to you guys about this awesome and handy product that was launched today by Julep! Julep is a nail polish company intended to help women play up their personalities and spirits with ultra-cool (and easy to apply!) colors. Their latest product, the Plié Wand, was designed with busy women in mind. The idea behind this wand is that it makes polishing your nails easier and cleaner. The wand, which can fit on any Julep nail polish bottle, makes it easier to paint closer to your nail so you won’t have to clean up all around afterwards. The wand is comfortable and easy to move around, and makes it easier to paint your non-dominant hand as well! As a nail polish fiend, I am super excited to give this a try, as well as some of their super cute nail polish colors! (I like Maddy and Saaya!) Also, if you’re going to invest in the Plié Wand, which I think you should, check out the whole nail polishing system, which includes the Plié Wand, the Plié overcap, a precision brush, a striping brush and a dotting tool! For more information, check out these awesome sources:

Message from Julep’s CEO, Jane Park

Julep’s Nail Polish Shop

Julep’s Plié Wand Blog Post

plie wand

Let me know if you guys decide to try this cool new product! Leave me a comment below, shoot an email to! Also don’t forget to follow my Tumblr and my Instagram @tonirose08! Love you guys xx


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