Exciting Announcement!!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! I have a really awesome announcement to make up for all the time I’ve been MIA: I’ve asked one of my friends, Torie, to co-write some posts with me! Her first post with me, “Hidden Treasures: Why I Love Thrifting + Pointers” will be coming soon, so I thought in preparation, I’d have her share a little bio with you guys!

Meet Torie


Hey guys! My name is Torie and I’ve been one of Toni’s closest friends since the third grade. Having been called “Toni” countless times, and she “Torie” we are completely aware of the confusion that our names cause – I doubt adding an “e” to my name in 7th grade helped at all. And worse, we have the same middle names: Toni Rose and Torie Rose. Thankfully we look almost nothing alike; I’ll be eternally jealous of her tan skin and she of my red hair.

I like to think of myself as having an “indie” or, dare I say, “hipster” vibe. I love vintage things and am proud to proclaim that I was the first person to introduce Toni to thrift stores. In the colder season my day-to-day outfit consists of ripped jeans, a chunky sweater and brown oxfords. When it warms up I jump into a pair of once mom-jeans now high waisted denim shorts and white tennis shoes. Lately, I’ve been really digging throwing a patterned kimono on over jeans, shorts or a dress.

I also reflect this artsy aura in my taste. Having seen three Walk the Moon concerts (soon to be four) I can easily say they’re one of my favorite bands. I listen to “AltNation” religiously and tend to blast a different alternative band every week. Last week I played The Wombats on repeat but recently I’ve been loving Circa Waves. (Update from Toni: We’re seeing the Griswolds later this month!!)
I’ve always been heavily involved in the arts. I took drawing and painting classes up until my sophomore year of high school when I made the switch into my school’s photography program. I recently completed a concentration based on paint being used as a metaphor for chaos and control. I’m also a firm believer in trespassing just a little to get the right photo (the abandoned hospital near my house is a photographer’s dream).
Other than that you should know that I’m a middle child, a firm believer in cheeseburgers, a Netflix addict, a procrastinator, a budget shopper and a soon-to-be psychology major. I’m so excited to get to add to Toni’s blog and get to know you readers!


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