#MotivationMonday: Fresh Starts

Mondays suck. We all know that. Especially rainy Monday mornings like this, when you’re sleep deprived because you couldn’t sleep due to a throat ache and totally fogged down by the dreariness outside. That’s my case today anyways. But…


Mondays mark new beginnings. The weekend is over, and it’s a chance to seize the week and make it your own. Sure, it’s back to school and work, but who knows what this week could bring?

Start out on a positive note and set yourself some goals. They don’t have to be large, broad goals, but even the small stuff will make a difference. My goals for this week are to implement my new workout plan (stay tuned for a post with some details later on this week!) and to blog three times. I’m already off to a good start on both of those, so I’m hoping this week I’ll stay productive and motivated!

It’s only 8:05 AM, but I’m already feeling productive. Got my laptop running and my tea next to me… repping the Stony Brook J-School!

My advice is to start your morning off right. I’m a firm believer that if your day and mood are good from the beginning, nothing will be able to bring you down. For me, that means starting my morning early, sitting by my dorm room window, and getting stuff done. Just writing this is motivation enough for me. Oh, and don’t forget the tea!! (Same Lipton tea I drink at camp by the way, so that’s boosting my mood too). Do whatever you have to do to get yourself in the right mindset, whether that be drinking your morning coffee, going on a quick jog, or simply catching up on social media.

Remember, this is your journey, no one else’s. Set yourself goals you think you can achieve, and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are your own person with your own set of talents, life experiences and challenges. If you’re going to compare yourself to anyone, compare yourself to your past self, so you can see the progress that you’re making.


Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the difference. You can’t expect yourself to make an entire life overhaul in a day and be successful. Baby steps are great and totally acceptable. As playwright John Heywood said, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Be patient with yourself as you work towards your goals, and keep going if you stray. One mistake can’t take you completely off track. Nobody’s perfect, so just keep going. You’re totally worth the journey, the effort and the patience. I know you can do this!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday and productive week ahead! As always, keep me updated on your thoughts and progress! See ya in a few days 🙂



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