Personal Growth + Changes

Hey there, Tasters! I know it’s been quite a while since we’ve caught up, but I think I’m finally in the headspace where I have things to say and actually want to share. Before I get into the present and what’s going on in my life though, I want to take a look at where I started back in 2013 and how everything’s changed since then.

The Past 

Throwback to 2014!


When I started Tantalizingly Tasteful almost five years ago, I thought I wanted to write about fashion. I still wanted to be a fashion designer then, so everything I posted had something to do with clothes and style… not that I knew much about it then. The very first story I posted on here was all about back to school fashion. I had no concept of how to write for an audience or even how to use WordPress.

I finally started to dabble in writing about my life during my senior of high school, when I talked about graduation and prom. That trend continued into college, and since then, Tantalizingly Tasteful has been a lot more about my life than just about fashion. I’ve written about my health struggles (both mental and physical), my family and friends, and my journey to love and accept myself.

Through it all, I’ve been unreliable with my content, my posts and my dedication to the site. I’ve often taken prolonged hiatuses due to lack of content, lack of motivation or lack of both. For a while, I thought the project was dead forever.

The Present


Processed with Rookie Cam
Here’s something more recent…


But, almost five years later, I think I’ve finally figured out what I want this blog to be about, and that it’s something I really want to pursue. To be honest, it’s more for me than it is for you, but if you happen to get something out of this (even if it’s just a smile or laugh), even better. Tantalizingly Tasteful is my chance to write down and organize my thoughts so I can understand and remember them (so get ready for some randomness!). It’s my place to capture my progress.

It’s also going to be majorly about my life and my journey towards creating a better lifestyle for myself. I’ve recently made some changes in my life and I’m excited to see where they’ll go, as well as what else is to come.

I’m about to finish my first go at Whole30, an “elimination diet” (I’m reluctant to use the word diet because it’s more about lifestyle changes than depriving yourself, but I guess it’s the best fit) that trains people to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Even though my first 30-day round started out hard (no sugar, grains, legumes or dairy for a whole month?!), I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the effects it’s had on my body. I won’t say much about it because I have a post about my experience coming next week, but the one thing I will say is that Whole30 has made me feel more energized and motivated than I have in a long time. It’s what motivated me to come back here and write about what I’m feeling and thinking, and I’m so beyond excited to share my experiences with you.

Also, the site’s got a new look, so let me know what you think of that!

The Future

she believed she could so she did
Some motivation!

My brain is swirling with different ideas for posts and projects, I’m just trying to pick out which ones I think will be the best. There’s definitely going to be some Whole30 stuff coming up, which I’m super excited about. I’m really thrilled to be getting back into this and to be sharing my life with you all again.

If there’s anything you’d like to see my do or write about, let me know! I’m ready to make Tantalizingly Tasteful (and you Tasters!) a part of my journey towards a healthier lifestyle, and I sure hope you’ll join me on it. Thank you for your endless love, patience, and acceptance.




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