This Round of Whole30 is Already So Different

I love talking about fashion and beauty, but you may have noticed that I’ve been spending most of my time talking about something else lately: Whole30 and, more importantly, how it’s helping me feel my best.

Well, I started my second round of Whole30 about two weeks ago, and I wanted to update you on how it feels this time around.

Because it’s only been 13 days and this time around is already a totally different experience than my first go at Whole30.

What hangover?

When I did Whole30 for the first time, I spent my first few days feeling like I’d been trampled by a pack of wildebeests and then subsequently hit by two trains colliding head-on. This is super common for people getting started. The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom refers to this feeling as “the hangover” because that’s pretty much exactly what it feels like when your body is deprived of the sugar, chemicals, and pure crap that it’s used to.

30 day guide
I seriously don’t know what I’d do without this book at this point. You can buy the hardcover version on Amazon for $19.49. Image via Amazon

Amazingly, though, I didn’t experience a hangover this time around. No headaches, no soreness, no exhaustion. I went straight to feeling energized and motivated, one of my favorite benefits of the Whole30 program. It was almost like my body was saying, “Oh yeah, I remember these foods, I really missed them!” It was an automatic shift from consuming crap to eating tasty, healthy foods.

But that doesn’t mean everything’s perfect

Even though I felt amazing most of the time, there were occasional moments where I felt like the end was near. On my second day of following Whole30, I started experiencing horrific pains in my lower stomach, something I never experienced during my first round. They would happen about 10 times a day at least and last a few minutes each. Even though that wasn’t a long period of time, the pain was impossible to handle. I’d literally double over in pain and have to stop whatever I was doing to go lay in the fetal position until the pain subsided.

When the pain first started, my mom and I guessed that it was probably period pains. As I’ve said before, my PCOS has made my cycle very erratic and irregular, but it almost always resets when I start eating low carb. But after a week of these pains happening every single day, we realized they were probably gas pains. Every time the pains hit, I ran to the bathroom, but nothing ever came. The pain stayed.

Finally, my mom decided to buy me Gasex and I was about to take it until… all of a sudden, the pain subsided. So far, it’s been six days since I’ve experienced the pain, which is a very good sign. I also did some research to see if anyone else had experienced these types of pains while on the program. There were a few posts on the Whole30 forum who also experienced similar pains, so at least I know I’m not alone.

There are also a few sections in the Whole30 book that explain what is likely the cause of these pains. Ever heard of FODMAPs? Probably not. Weirdly, I had because my mom went through a phase where she had to watch her intake of FODMAPs. This term, according to the book, refers to “a collection of fermentable carbohydrates and sugar alcohols found in various foods, including vegetables and fruits.” Sometimes, the body doesn’t absorb FODMAPs properly, which can cause inflammation, bloating, and, your guessed it, gas. My guess is that my body wasn’t prepared for my significant increase in fruit and vegetable (aka FODMAP) consumption and rebelled with gas pains.

But at least they’re gone now, right?

It’s so much easier to say no

On a much better note, I have become so much more satisfied by Whole30-compliant foods than I was during my first round. I find myself craving grilled chicken, salads with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and breakfast skillets. That’s because foods on the program are actually super tasty, not bland and disgusting. Also, I think my body finds them more fulfilling, which might be why I’m craving healthier foods.

Whole30 meals like this breakfast (which I posted on Instagram!) are not only nutritious and fulfilling, but also super delicious!

This also makes saying no to crappy foods so much easier. I don’t find myself drooling over junk food or baked goods like I did when I first tried Whole30. Instead, when my friends offer me cookies and pie (like they have in the last two days), I can say no without a second thought. This has also helped me diminish my tendency to be an emotional eater because I can’t reach for my usual carbs.

When I do have the rare desire to break the program rules and reach for ice cream or pasta or chicken tenders, I lay down in bed and try to push my thoughts away from food. If I can’t do that, I eat something sweet… and Whole30-approved. Some of my faves include unsweetened coconut chips, fruit bars, and sweet potatoes.

I’ve also stopped overeating. The Whole30 program doesn’t force you to count calories or portions, but I’ve found that I’ve stopped mindlessly eating, which means I’m only eating until I’m comfortably full, not until I feel like I could pop or puke. That’s something that took me a while to develop on my last go at the program.

All in all, I am so happy to be back on Whole30. My body feels great and I feel confident, which is something that’s really important to me. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have a good relationship with food, and that I actually have some control over my body. It’s a really, really great feeling.

With all of that being said, is there anything else you’d like to see me write about in terms of Whole30, body image or feeling your best? Make sure to let me know! Also, make sure you follow my Instagram if you haven’t already. I’m always posting Whole30 eats and tips on there, as well as daily outfits and makeup looks!




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